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Pause for thought

12 Jun


Recently I have to admit to scoffing at something my daughter’s school was doing; and then eating my words – twice over.

On the (newly launched) school twitter feed (that’s a whole other story) were many tweets about how the children were ‘contemplating’ and ‘thinking about forgiveness’ in the new prayer room. I thought this slightly odd as although it is a Church of England school, there had never been any mention of a prayer room before. To be frank, many of the families who attend the school are not overly religious. They may go and support school events at the church and know the Lord’s prayer, but you won’t see them attending church every week.  I thought maybe it was some kind of push from the more religious of the governors and/or parents to get the children thinking about faith. It came across as quite hippy like and perhaps a little pretentious. Certainly I felt, it was a little over the top.

This morning, I made my usual visit to school to teach the littlies Signalong and whilst there, one of the staff suggested I have a look in the ‘prayer room’.  Apparently it had been set up as part of RE wee k.

Obviously being the nosey person I inherently am, I went for a look. It is, in fact, a classroom that isn’t being used this week as the children are away. It has been decorated with a tented gazebo, cushions, fabrics and general soft squishy stuff. It has areas in which they can consider things like ‘how to let go’, ‘how to say sorry’ and how to ‘just be’.

There is a quote  on the ‘just be’ area saying:

“We are not human doings, we are human beings.”

It explains, in a simple sign hung above the area, that it is ok to stop doing sometimes and just be. Profound. And so, so apt nowadays.

I was totally blown away by the work that had gone in to the room. The children had obviously found it to be very worthwhile too from the comments they had stuck up on post it notes. I won’t say too much more as it is, and should be, private. But I was really touched by what I saw and read.

It lead me to think once again about how we live in a world where doing is so important. I know I’m always telling my kids to get on with something. Why?

A world where harbouring grudges happens far too often. That many people never learn how to say sorry.

Such important life lessons that many of us never learn. Or if we do, we forget all about them.

So take a leaf out of this little village schools’ book and take some time out to just be. Think about forgiving someone just because you can. Accept some things as they are and say sorry if you need to.

This, for me, isn’t about religion, it’s about humanity.


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