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Notes of some worth?

15 Jun

I love a notebook it has to be said.

The promise of what those blank sheets of paper can offer. Lined, plain, coloured, decorative. I like them all. I jot down ideas in my notebooks, plan characters, scribble thoughts and make lists.

I have many different notebooks scattered around my desk, a couple by my bed and a few here and there around the house.

The problem is, I have so many I can sometimes lose track of what I’ve written where. Or worst still, where they are. And that’s my problem today. Amazingly, even with the bonus of having my two nieces for a sleepover, I find myself with a free hour or so.

I thought I’d try the ‘daily prompt’ which suggested a topic of what to do on a rainy afternoon. Perfect. It reminded me of a piece I wrote a few years ago whilst sitting on a balcony in a hotel in Singapore. It was in the middle of one of Singapore’s many tropical storms and I was mesmerised by it. It was a great piece, even if I do say so myself. I wrote it long hand in my notebook. Of course, I always meant to type it up and keep a copy. But didn’t.

Now, I’m full of that feeling that it’s lost. Those words are gone forever. And it really was good. I loved it. Possibly because it was in a place I love to be, watching nature do its stuff, feeling very relaxed (I was on holiday). So, the memory of it is good.

That notebook though also had other stories and notes that I now desperately need to read. I’m sure there was a piece about a very inspirational book I’d read and how I related to with my Son – in his pants.

I think it was black. The notebook. It was small. The notebook. It was dog-eared. My notebook. Where is it? Dam notebook.

I have gone through the pile of notebooks by my desk. There’s the purple flowery one full of ‘topics’ I was given when I attended a creative writing course years ago. See, I kept that one. There’s the one with lists galore in (I also love a list). There’s one with random comments about what to do at the PTA summer fair two years ago. There’s a beautiful hard backed one with ‘Believe in Yourself’ on the front that my friend gave me for my birthday this year. There’s even a good old-fashioned reporters note book with something scribbled in about wardrobes. But none with a story about the rain in Singapore and my son in pants.

I have to find it. When I do I’ll post the storm story and you can tell me if it was worth the hunt.

For now, the rainy day story is, well, in my notebook.


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